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The UK London Editions Comics

The Backstory and the Legacy

In 1986, as the Masters of the Universe toy line dominated the toy aisles and the cartoon series ruled the airwaves, London Editions Ltd began producing a series of fortnightly comics in the UK following the adventures of He-Man and his heroic comrades on Eternia. This series of comics was to last an impressive five years, in that time giving us one of the most detailed and consistent MOTU canons to this day, with excellent continuity and a solid story arc.

A great deal of effort and hard work went into the UK comics, with its writers going the extra mile to ensure the readers got their money’s worth, with each issue featuring highly captivating and innovative stories distinct from other MOTU media.


As these comics were only published in the UK, with minimal exposure overseas, their version of the MOTU saga is little-known and often overlooked- yet it remains to this day one of the strongest, most consistent and most comprehensive of all the many iterations of MOTU. So let’s take a look at the London Editions series of MOTU and POP comics in more depth, and examine the reasons why this criminally overlooked MOTU canon deserves more recognition and celebration of its legacy.

Part One
The early days, the thinking person's superhero, experimental premises

Part Two
Classic cult sci-fi, unique character development, original characters, deadpan British comedy ... and Scrollos!

Part Three

She-Ra, Twins of Power, The Snake Men, Adventure Magazine

Part Four

The German Ehapa Reprints, The New Adventures, a dramatic end, The Best of He-Man

Part Five

The 00s relaunch, the aftermath and legacy

© Aidan Cross, 2017.

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