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UK London Editions Comics


Chronicling the legacy of MOTU

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Dark Horse Publications released the book He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: A Character Guide and World Compendium in May 2017. 

This book covers EVERY aspect of every Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power incarnation from the line's 1981 debut to the date of its publication in 2017. Every character, weapon, artefact, beast, creature, faction, race, location, spell and vehicle is included, making this the ultimate MOTU/POP encyclopedia that no fan should be without!

The UK London Editions comics are therefore covered extensively in this volume, and I had the honour of being hired myself to write all the entries for the UK MOTU and POP comics. There are bios and scans for the UK comics on almost every page, and the opening editorial is even written by the character of Scrollos, in the style of the UK comics editorials!

Click here to order your copy.

A UK Comics Collection...?

As Dark Horse have already published several fantastic MOTU books, including the Mattel Minicomic Collection and the US Newspaper Comic Strips, there is much demand among fans for a collection of the UK MOTU/POP comics in book form. With the sheer amount of material in the comics it is likely these would cover at least two or three book volumes.

As yet no official statement has been made regarding whether such a publication is likely. But as fans, we know we would buy it, and we know there is massive demand for it!

Would you like to see the UK London Editions comics published in book form? Of course you would- send Dark Horse a message to let them know!

© Aidan Cross, 2017.

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