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About the Webmaster

My name is Aidan Cross, I've been a MOTU fan since 1983 and part of the online MOTU fan community since its early days in the late 90s... In October 1998 I set up my first He-Man website, Mosquitor's He-Man Realm (click here to browse it in the web archive!), which was the first website to contain summary descriptions for all 130 episodes of Filmation's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series, in the days when most episodes were still rare and the fans were just rediscovering them. I also wrote a large amount of MOTU fan fiction, most of which can still be read on my old page at (and the Encylopedia of Eternia fanfic project is actually still ongoing and I plan to produce some more material for it before long!).

As the MOTU fan community was pretty small in those early days, I was one of a particularly small number of UK fans, and was the first fan to bring knowledge of the UK London Editions comics to the wider international fan base. I provided the summaries for the UK Comics section on He-Man.Org, the main MOTU fan site. (Be warned: if you browse them now you can very much tell I was only 17 when I wrote those summaries, and lots of my opinions have changed substantially!)

These days I make my living as a professional freelance proofreader, editor and copywriter (visit my business website at I am also a prolific singer-songwriter and musician, currently fronting the Manchester band Weimar. My previous band, The Bacillus, released the album "I Can't Adapt To This Prison You Call Society" on Salford-based record label German Shepherd Records a few years back. I have also done a stint playing guitar with thrash punk band Black Light Mutants. On top of this I also have a small number of acting credits to my name, which you can read about on my IMDb page- probably the best known one being the 6-second speaking role as a Goth in the film 24 Hour Party People!

In November 2015 I was contacted by Val Staples of He-Man.Org, who asked me to write the bios for the UK Comics entries in the Dark Horse publication He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: A Character Guide and World Compendium. After spending endless (but fun!) hours working on the material for this volume, I realized it was about time the work of the UK comics writers and artists was fully celebrated and documented, so I managed to track down Brian Clarke, the comics' lead editor and writer, and after a fantastic meeting with him in Manchester in July 2016, I began work on this website in celebration of the UK Comics' legacy.

If you have any questions regarding this website or my other projects, feel free to get in touch via the Contact page on this site!


I had the rare honour of having three letters printed and answered by Scrollos in the UK Comics as a kid! Two of these appeared in consecutive issues (#68 and #69) and can be seen above!

Thanks to...

I would like to thank James Eatock, Jukka Issakainen, Mike Wild, Danielle Gelehrter, Jacob W. Torbeck, Paawo Zantetsuken and Val Staples for their support in the process of getting this site together. Special thanks meanwhile go to Brian Clarke for all the information provided, the interview and the support, and of course for giving us the comics in the first place!

© Aidan Cross, 2019.

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